Our Past Events

The A-Fest Story
Since its inception in 2010, A-Fest has brought together some of the world’s brightest minds in some of the world’s most beautiful locations including Costa Rica, Maui, Bali, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Croatia, Mexico and Greece.


2017: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The location of our November 2017 event was Montego Bay, Jamaica — one of the hottest holiday destinations in the Caribbean, boasting a lush topography of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches.

The event focused on the theme of ‘Enhanced States of Consciousness’, an exploration of how to attain higher and altered states of human consciousness for peak performance. We welcomed to the stage incredible speakers such as NY Times bestselling author & award-winning journalist, Steven Kotler; Dutch daredevil, "The Iceman", Wim Hof; Creators of Lifebook, Jon and Missy Butcher; world-leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning, Jim Kwik; world renowned Rock and Studio Drummer, Kenny Aronoff; and many more.

The content was mind-blowing, and the parties were off the hook. Highlights included a Seaside Dinner Party, a I&I Roots & Reggae Night at an authentic Rastafari village, a Catamaran Cruise round the coast for a sunset snorkel and sail, and finally a Garden of Wonders Closing Party at an 18th-century Estate.

2017: Ibiza, Spain

The location of our first 2016 event was beautiful Ibiza  — an exotic paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the hottest holiday destinations in Europe, with sun-kissed, beach-bejewelled, pine-clad island, perfect for sun-seekers.

A-Fest Ibiza was our fastest selling event (and most popular location) in A-Fest history. The event focused on one key theme; “Love & Relationships” a theme which attracted some seriously top-level speakers such as Best-selling Author & Psychotherapist Esther Perel; the Best-selling Author of the most well known and trusted relationship book of all time "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" John Gray; Serial Entrepreneurs & the Creators of Lifebook Jon & Missy Butcher; and more. 

Highlights of the event included a Q&A session with Esther Perel & Dan Savage; a daytime beach party, complete with masseuse, energy healers, and sound healers; a Namaste Evening Party; and a spectacular Future human Closing Party.


2016: Mayan Riviera, Mexico




The location of our west 2016 event was beautiful Mayan Riviera of Mexico — an exotic paradise on the Yucatán Peninsula, bordering the Caribbean Sea.

We welcomed 350 brilliant tribe members to the Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa for 4 days of bonding, learning and growth. The event theme was “Live Your Quest”, where we focussed on the incredible, individual missions we’ve each been gifted. We brought to the stage a stellar lineup of speakers including, Star of The Secret, Author and Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center Michael Beckwith; Former NFL Player, Speaker, Author and Actor Bo Eason; Transformational Leader, World Humanitarian and Co-author of the NY Times best-seller The Passion Test Janet Bray Attwood; Founder at Prototype Thinking LLC and Creator of the first Google Glass prototype Tom Chi; and more.

Highlights of the event included an afternoon of beach games, a trip to the mystic caverns used by the ancient Mayans for a special “Mayan Spirit” themed evening, and a Flower Ball Themed Closing Party at a beautiful Hacienda.

2016: Mykonos, Greece


The location of our first 2016 event was the beautiful and cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos — an exotic, whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades islands, and one of the hottest spots in Europe.

This was the biggest event in A-Fest history, hosting 400 inspiring thought leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs. The event focused on one key theme; "Bio-Hacking: Body & Brain," a theme which attracted some seriously top-level speakers such as the Founder of “The Bulletproof Executive” Dave Asprey, Best-Selling Food & Nutrition Specialist JJ Virgin, and Nine-Time #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author Dr Mark Hyman.

Highlights of the event included sailing past the island of Delos, one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Greece, a Gods & Goddesses Party and a White Themed Closing Party..  



2015: Guanacaste, Costa Rica


In November 2015 we returned to the place where A-Fest began, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The location was absolutely magical, a tropical paradise with pristine shorelines, beautiful mountain ranges and volcanoes. We couldn’t have chosen a more spectacular setting for this tribe of 350 incredible entrepreneurs, game changers and visionaries to come together in a paradise location to bond, learn and grow.

Highlights included a Tropical Dinner Party featuring a Calypso band and dancers, a ‘Pura Vida’ party at a well-known local venue with a reggae band, fire shows, henna tattoos and bonfires, a Catamaran Cruise into the sunset, a Cacao Ceremony and pool party with tribal performances, fire dancing and mermaids, and lastly a themed “Magical Rainforest” closing party featuring an incredible set by David Block as well as aerialist performances, fire shows, body painted characters, a life-size butterfly farm with human butterflies, a music performance and more.


2015: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia was the location for 2015 and was our very first European event. The location was gorgeous – think sapphire waters, an ancient walled city, breathtaking natural beauty, UNESCO world heritage architecture, and cuisine from the land and seas of the historical Dalmatic region. All this in the seaside castle town that captures the essence of a medieval Mediterranean fantasy. This year we upped the bar with 300 absolutely incredible entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers attending the event.

Highlights of the event included a boat cruise around the Dubrovnik coastline with a stop at the Elaphiti Islands; and a Medieval Themed Closing Party which took place in a walled castle within “Kings Landing”, the location of the “Game of Thrones” television series.

2014: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Magical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was where our 2014 West event was held. The location was gorgeous, the speakers were awesome, however it was the 350 incredible entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers who attended that made this event so special.

Highlights of the event included a ‘Day of the Dead’ pre-event cocktail party complete with face painters, stilt walkers and live music; a ‘White’ party on the beach with a vintage circus for entertainment; a Mexican ranch costume party at a local hacienda; a boat cruise around the coast; and the closing party on a magical private island where we were greeted by mermaids and mythological creatures.

2014: Phuket, Thailand


Enchanting Phuket, Thailand was the location for the second A-Fest ever to hit the shores of Asia, which brought together 260 incredible people from 40 different countries.

Highlights included a Cabaret themed party, a Catamaran cruise around the islands of Phuket, and the closing party on a private island. We had dinner, enjoyed a fire show, lit up the sky with sky lanterns, and then danced under the stars, with our toes in the sand to the sweet tunes of one of Asia’s best DJs. Overall, 4 days of absolutely EPIC fun!

2013: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Gorgeous Punta Cana the Dominican Republic was the location for A-Fest’s biggest event in history, which brought together 350 entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Program highlights included a massive pool party, sunset Catamaran excursion and a whole lotta’ growth, connection and fun. Check out the photos from Afest Dominican Republic!

2013: Seminyak, Bali


In 2013, A-Fest expanded by hosting TWO events and took over famed Island of the Gods Bali for its inaugural A-Fest East event. The event was a wild success, selling out twice for a total of 250 attendees who raved about the experience for months. Check out this video with some highlights.

2012: Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Check out this highlight video from A-Fest 2012 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and hear what some of our Tribe members have to say about the event. Best selling author Lisa Nichols, who has attended all three A-Fest events, describes it as “unmatched, unparalleled, unapologetic, untamed and everything you want”.

2011: Maui, Hawaii


Our paradise location for A-Fest 2011 was Maui, Hawaii, a destination for true nature lovers. This magical location was a hit, being one of the most sought after destinations on the planet. A-Fest has some of the most epic theme parties you’ll ever experience, check out this video with some highlights from our Super Hero theme party.

2010: Costa Rica


“It’s a brotherhood that I’ve never seen before.” Hear what else some of our Tribe members had to say about Afest in this highlights video from Costa Rica.

At A-Fest 2010 – after the amazing learning, networking and bonding, we tossed a slightly wacky, insanely fun and totally memorable pirate-themed party. Check it out here!